Honorary Consulates in Canada

Calgary, AB

c/o Yanko & Popovic, Barristers & Solicitors Suite 301, 300 Manning Rd. N.E. 

Calgary • Alberta T2E 8K4 • Canada

tel. 403.262.0262 ext.310 fax 403.204.0284                                                                                    

Mr. Branislav POPOVIC, Honorary Consul

assistant: Jenna Hamdon, ext. 290                                                                                    


Jurisdiction: Province of Alberta


Montreal, QC

4115 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 420, Montréal, QC, H3Z 1K9

Tel: (514) 937-8922 Fax: (514) 948-4088

Email: jbirks@birken.com

Mr. Henry Jonathan BIRKS (m), Honorary Consul

Jurisdiction: Montréal City


Toronto, ON

2950 Argentia Rd, Mississauga, ON, L5N 8C5

Tel: (905) 815-4200 ext. 4020

Email: mario@tgroupcanada.com

Mr. Masayuki TOYOTOSHI, Honorary Consul

Jurisdiction: Province of Ontario


Vancouver, BC

8812 Centaurus Circle, Burnaby, BC, V3J 1C1

Tel: (604) 415-9470 or (604) 440-1644 Fax: (604) 415-9470

Email: Ivillalb@capilanou.ca

Mr. Luis Fernando VILLALBA OCAMPO, Honorary Consul

Jurisdiction: Province of British Columbia


Winnipeg, MB

1508 Rothesay Street, Winnipeg, MB, R2G 1V5

Tel: (204) 663-5748 Fax: (204) 663-5748

Email: asupar@shaw.ca

Mr. Heinrich WIEBE, Honorary Consul

Jurisdiction: Province of Manitoba