Here you wil find the most common questions regarding  the process to be followed  at the Embassy. If you require assitance  please contact us by e-mail.


1. I am a Canadian citizen, do I need a visa?

Yes, you have to apply for a visa.


2. Where do I find information regarding an specific subject?

Every section contains detailed information about any subject. If you require further information please contact us.


3. What kind of visas do you offer?

For Canadian citizens we have Multiple Entry Visa


4. How payments are made to the Embassy?

We accept Money Orders or Bank's Draft in US Currency, payable to Embassy of Paraguay.


5. Why letter from your Bank is a requirement when applying  for a Visa?

We just need to verify that you have an account with the bank. Your personal transactions are not required.


6. What kind of passport are offer for a Paraguayan citizen resident in Canada?

We need to verify issue a Consular Passport valid for 5 years. Fee for a new passport is 55 U$S