Paraguay is a country with many natural resources. The production of clean energy is one of the most important activities of the country, and also the highly mechanized agriculture and livestock. The territory is crossed entirely by numerous waterways that constitute the hydrographic system of the River Plate Basin, where the Guarani Aquifer, considered one of the largest reserves of fresh water on the planet is based.

Paraguay's economy is small and open, the agricultural production and trade, particularly soy and beef, accounted for about 40% of exports in 2013. In the last decade, the country has made significant progress in the aspect macro, with strong results in fiscal, monetary and with the beginning of major social reforms.

In terms of recent development, the Paraguayan economy has expanded 13.6% of GDP, this being the highest growth rate in Latin America in 2013.

What´s new in Paraguay?

•Paraguay is a vibrant and solidified democracy.

•Free Market economics, along inclusive social programs resulting in a pragmatic approach to development

·                    Paraguay is now a prime destination for investments.



1. Highest monetary and fiscal stability in Latin America (never had sharp devaluation, expropriation or freezing of savings, etc..) Lower tax rate and a very simple tax system;

2. Quick recovery of economic growth and investment after the crisis of 2008-2009, 10% growth in 2010 based on food production as global demand tends to grow;

3. Investment Attractions Laws as: Maquila Regime, that establish tax exemptions and others benefits for industries that produces for exportation;

4. Access to MERCOSUR, a free trade area with a GDP of U.S. $ 2 billion, which also includes Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay;

5. Excellent cost-benefit labor in the region and lower social security contributions on wages;

6. Population mostly young and with great ease of learning and training;

7. Abundant availability of electricity at lower rates in the region;

8. Center of the Paraná-Paraguay, Paraná-Tiete Waterway with free shipping in most of the country throughout the year;

9. Mild climate and absence of natural disasters;

10. Abundant water and fertile land for agriculture


Start a Bussiness in Paraguay - Permanent Residence for entrepreneurs

SUACE aims to facilitate and speed up the process of opening new business ventures, regarding the documents required for the legal formalization of enterprises.

The Institutions involved in this process are the following: the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Finance, the Supreme Court, the Ministry of Interior through the Directorate General of Immigration, the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security, the Social Welfare Institute and the Municipality of Asuncion.

Through Suace, investors can manage the following documentation:

• Obtain the temporary or permanent residence permit.

• Registration with the Public Registry of Commerce.

• Obtain the Register of Taxpayers (RUC).

• Registration of Workers at IPS.

• Procedures concerning the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security.

• Patent and Municipal Business License in the City of Asuncion.


More information:

Oficina de Migraciones en SUACE
Dirección: Tte. Bliloff esq. Teófilo del Puerto, Asunción - Paraguay
Teléfono: +595 21 525 884 / 5