Functions of the Embassy

The Embassy of Paraguay in Australia is working on the promotion and development of commercial, economic, cultural and scientific relationship between Paraguay and Australia. We are giving special emphasis to the promotion of our culture, considering that this allows achieving recognition of our sovereign nation peculiarities. We are a country "different" and that is very positive, because a country that has no originality to offer is not attractive, either for tourism or for business.

We understand the needs to provide value to our production, and for that we are attentive to the uptake of technologies that can be applied to domestic production. To this end, we would like to establish partnerships that allow us to more production and competitiveness. We also maintain contact with entrepreneurs to engage them in expanding their business in Paraguay, showing for it, the benefits we offer for investments.

Other functions of the Embassy: Extend passports and travel documents to our compatriots, legalization of trade documents and personal documents and issue visas to those wishing to visit to Paraguay.