The Consulate General of Paraguay informs that beginning on February 1st, 2017, all payments for consular transactions (passports, visas, legalization of commercial invoices, etc) must be deposited directly to our bank account

Bank            : Citibank
Acct #          : 206573065
Name of Acct    : Consulate of Paraguay

Once the deposit has been made, the original deposit slip must be presented to process transaction requests.


  • Transfer between bank accounts will not be accepted
  • Check Deposits will not be accepted 
  • There will be no refunds if the deposit amount exceeds the amount due for processing transaction requests


In order to entry into the country all foreign needs to be granted an entry visa in their valid passport.

Visa Exemption is expected for foreign nationals of those countries that the Republic of Paraguay holds Visa Suppression Agreement or when an unilateral visa waiver is granted by Paraguay. Also, foreign nationals on legal immigration status, holding “Residente Temporal or Permanente Identificación” issued by the Immigration Department of Paraguay. On Special cases; for foreign nationals that are ruling under particular law, they don’t need visa stamps on their passport.


U.S Citizens need a Visa to go to Paraguay and can apply in person or by mail. U.S citizens can obtain a multiple entry Visa that can be valid for up to 10 years staying for a maximum of 3 months (90 days) at a time.

Visa fee cost for U.S Citizens is $160.00, payable in Money Order or Cashier’s Check issued to CONSULATE GENERAL OF PARAGUAY. Personal checks and credit cards are not accepted.

In person:
You must schedule an appointment to apply for a visa in person. We receive applications by appointment only,  every business day from 9:30 am to noon. The applicant should call tel: (310) 417 9500, the process of issuing a visa in person and by mail takes a one week.

By mail:
1) Original Passport, valid for at least 6 months.
2) Visa Application form, fully completed and signed.
3) Color Photo , (2x2, passport photo size) 
4) Pre- paid return envelope ( in order to mailing back your passport with the visa to you , once it is ready.)
Certificated mail with tracking number, Fedex, UPS, USPS.
5) Do not forget to enclose the payment : Deposit Receipt of City Bank, or Money Order.

Processing time by mail is 1 (one) week, approx.

Nationals of the following countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Republic of China (Taiwan) need a Visa. They can apply in person also by mail, submitting their application form, passport, picture and payment and can obtain a multiple entry Visa valid until the expiration date of their passport. Visitors can stay in Paraguay for a maximum of 3 months (90 days) at a time.

In order to activate your visa you must travel within (6) six months after it was issued. If on this period of time the visa is not activated a new application will be necessary to submit.

If you plan to stay in Paraguay more than 3 three months (90 days), extra documentation will be required. Please, contact to the Consulate.

Non Resident’s visas for all other countries exempting the above mentioned, must apply in person at the Consulate Office and may obtain a multiple entry Visa valid for (90) ninety days.  



Minors under (18) years old needs to apply through their parents, or by their Legal Guardian. The application must be signed by both parents and presented along with:

1. -   Minor Original Passport

2. -   Copy of the Birth Certificate

3. -   Copy of both parents Identification (Father and Mother ID cards)

In case of the children traveling alone or accompanying by just one parent or with a designated person, a written authorization will be requested.  

4. - Legal Guardian document: Proof of Legal Custody

Minor’s Traveling Authorization/ Consent Letter, signed before a Notary Public.

It is possible to authorize the trip, signing the mentioned letter, before the Consular Officer, then it would be formalized such permit with the personal appearance of the parents at the Consulate General Office.




United States of America,



New Zealand and

Republic of China (Taiwan)

Must present:

1.-  Visa application’s form fully completed and signed.

2.-  Original passport, must be valid for at least 6 months.      

3.-  One (1) passport picture , color, standard size  (2” x 2”) , clear background without  glasses.

4.- Consular Fees :  




CANADA:                U$S 150.00

NEW ZELAND:           U$S 140.00

CHINA (TAIWAN):      U$S 100.00



5.- Payment: payable in Money Order or Cashier’s Check issued to CONSULATE GENERAL OF PARAGUAY. Personal check and credit card are not accepted.









Nationals of the following countries: UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN, AUSTRALIA CANADA, NEW ZEALAND and REPUBLIC OF CHINA (TAIWAN), personal appearance of the applicant is NOT MANDATORY (they are exempt to appear at the Consulate). If these applicants are not able to apply in person or by mail, and they need Visa for urgent travel, they can obtain the visa in Paraguay.

A passport holder of these countries is eligible to apply directly at our local office located at the Immigration area in the International Airport Silvio Pettirossi, Asuncion City upon the arrival. (Only port of entry where visas are issued).

The NON-RESIDENT- VISAS ON ARRIVAL, obtaining at the "Silvio Pettirossi" International Airport in Asunción, Paraguay, are multiple entry and for several years, depending on the length of validity on their passport.



UNITED STATES OF AMERICA:            U$S 160.00

AUSTRALIA:                      U$S 135.00

CANADA:                                                U$S 150.00

NEW ZELAND                                   U$S 140.00

CHINA (TAIWAN)                                   U$S 100.00


IMPORTANT: Only foreign nationals from these countries listed above, can obtain the Visa on Arrival. Citizens of others countries must apply previously at this Consulate in person.



1.-    Personal appearance of the applicant is mandatory.

2 .-   Visa Application form fully completed and signed.

3.-   Original Passport  that must be valid at least 6 months beyond the departure date of your trip.

4. -  One (1) passport’s color picture, standard size (2” x 2”), clear background without glasses.

5. - Copy of document showing legal status in the US. Residents: Green    Card. Non –Residents:  Copy of Visa, entry stamp on the passport or I-94 Form; entrance record. Students:  US Visa or I-20 Form.

6.- In cases when the applicant has previous Visas issued by countries of : MERCOSUR, EUROPEAN COMMUNITY or NAFTA, copies of these visas may be enclosed, to the application form in digital regardless of the validity date, previous expired visas are accepted as reference.

7.- Copy of round trip Itinerary, reservation printed out from Internet are accepted.

8 .- Proof of Financial solvency, Bank Statement for Tourist and Company Letter  for business trip.

9.- Copy (1), proof of residence address, such as State’s Drivers License, Identification ID or Utility bill showing current address.

10.- The adult applicant must  always apply in person.

11.- Visa fee cost is $100.00 payable in Money Order or Cashier’s Check issued to CONSULATE GENERAL OF PARAGUAY. Personal check and credit card are not accepted