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The Consulate General of Paraguay informs that beginning on February 1st, 2017, all payments for consular transactions (passports, visas, legalization of commercial invoices, etc) must be deposited directly to our bank account

Bank : Citibank

Acct # : 206573065

Name of Acct : Consulate of Paraguay

Once the deposit has been made, the original deposit slip must be presented to process transaction requests.


Transfer between bank accounts will not be accepted

Check Deposits will not be accepted

There will be no refunds if the deposit amount exceeds the amount due for processing transaction request

The Consulate General of Paraguay announces thast as of Septembre 24, 2018, the obligation to include biometric data (fingerprints and iris) in consular passports issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is established. For this reason, you must appear in person at the offices of the Consulate General will be mandatory to collect biometric data and iniciate the process of issuing consular passports.

Every Paraguayan citizen interested in getting a passport can apply to the Consulate in Los Angeles. You may apply in person at our Consular’s office or apply online. In order to obtain the passport you must be eligible, complete an application form, pay a fee, and must pick it up in person.

Those who were registered in our Official Consular Records may be eligible to get the passport by mail. In order to be listed in our records, the applicant must appear in person, previously, at the Consulate General in Los Angeles and filling up the register’s form, your main information will be needed and your application should be filled out correctly, for one time only.


Must have Paraguayan nationality, natural or naturalized to apply for a passport.

Residency in the circumscription of the Consulate General, in the following States: California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Washington State, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Alaska and Hawaii.

Appears in person at the Consular Office.

Complete the application form.

Present copy in colors of the Cedula de Identidad Civil Paraguaya ( C.I. ) expired Cedula is accepted) and copy of the previous passport.

Two (2) passport pictures in color; clear background, regular size (2” x2”- passport size), still face.

Do not have an arrest warrant or if a court order has been issued and stops you having a Paraguayan passport or you are on bail conditions meaning that you can’t leave the country.

Pay the consular fee for the amount of $ 55.00 Personal checks are not accepted.

If you’re replacing a lost or stolen passport, you must have to present a copy of a Police report.

Issuing the Passport – How to pick up the passport.

After you have presented the application form along with the proper documentation, the Consulate will submit this information to the Ministry of foreign Affairs, Passport Director Office, and then, consequently to the Department of Identifications of the National Police, for obtaining verification on identity and personal information. Both government offices work together in the process.

Once your eligibility and entitlement to a Paraguayan passport is confirmed and approved by the mentioned authorities (above), this document will be issued in Paraguay. When the new passport arrives to Los Angeles, we will able to deliver to the applicant, who must come to the Consulate to sign the new booklet. This whole process takes about thirty days, so it is recommended that present your application well in advance before any trip.

If the applicant, was registered previously at the Consular Office, the person can manage to make arranges for the passport to be sent it by mail.

Expedition of Consular’s Passports for Minors.

To get a child passport, your child must be under 18. Minors cannot be included on their parents passports.

Issuing passports to minors/children have strict regulations. Both parents should sign and deliver in person the application form to the Consular Officer. If one of the parents is absent, either mother or father must present a notarized letter of authorization, “Minor traveling Authorization”. This document will allow to the present parent to procedure legally with the application. In cases of just one parent signature, a proof of parental responsibility must be presented (Legal custody).

Also, present the following docs.

  1. Birth Certificate of the minor
  2. Copy of Both Parents Identification

Impossibility to change the names on the new Consular Passport

The Embassies and Consular Offices are not allowed to make any modifications or changes of the applicant’s names on their Consular Passports. Whose is in needed to change / modify his/her names legally due to marriage, divorce, or a court ordered change of name, you will need to request this change to the ‘”Registro Civil de las Personas” and “ Departamento de Identificaciones de la Policia Nacional ” in Asunción.

Download Passport Application Form