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Welcome / Bienvenidos / Tereguaheporaite!

The Consulate General of the Republic of Paraguay in Los Angeles, California, wishes you the most heartfelt welcome to a portal into our enchanted country. In this official web site, you will find information about the services that the Consulate offer. The website also highlights special dates of interest about the Republic of Paraguay, Its people, government, culture and economy. Also, you will be able to interact with any of our knowledgeable employees at our centrally located office conveniently located on the Mid – Wilshire area, or (just come down to our office and request information, brochures of your interest.

The Consular Officers are able to respnd in the two official languages of Paraguay (Spanish and Guarani), as well as English, and are able to provide of information and documents needed, and to help prospective travelers learn about Paraguayan law.

For three decades, this consular office of Paraguay has held the objective of supporting and assisting Paraguayan residents of the local community here in California and other western states under our jurisdiction. Another important goal of our office is to promote the richness and advantages that our country has to offer for business, trade, and cooperation with the US. Our assistance to Paraguayan citizens along with the Promotion of Paraguay, involves and includes its art, culture, created several sets of activities that this consular office serves.

With a growing, economy that is blooming in so many different areas, and with a lot of challenges to live trough, the Republic of Paraguay offers an immeasurable amount of, opportunities for the American citizen. Our wealth of natural resources can be illuminated by the fascinated Eco-Tourism industry, untouched colonial-era historic sites, and the classic and well known hospitality that the Paraguayan people. In Paraguay, business opportunities are favorable because of the historically strategic and privileged geographical location which makes it easy for investors to be connected with the most important capital cities throughout South America. Like the old saying goes in South America, “All roads lead to Asuncion.” These reasons make Paraguay and its capital, Asuncion and the surrounding countryside a very attractive and convenient option to explore economic opportunities and commercial ventures.

With the purpose of satisfy the curiosity about Paraguay’s land of our Guarani culture, creating open lines of communication, we create this cyber space to make direct and easy contact with the American citizens and International community living in the jurisdiction, as well as Paraguayans, the Consulate General of Paraguay in Los Angeles is giving to you Welcome to its web site. Any and all suggestions to help us to improve our services to the community are welcome.

We hope that the services we offer will satisfy your expectations, by achieving a direct and fluid communication with the Paraguayan residents in the western United States, and helping the citizens of the United States of America to get to know our country, and you all are cordially invited to visit.