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Forum Invest in Paraguay
Publicado: 08/10/22 06:07:a. m.

The forum Invest in Paraguay, hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Investments and Exports Network (REDIEX) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is the most important investment event ever held in the country.

This event will highlight the exceptional conditions that Paraguay offers to FDI. It will bring together international investors with businesspersons located in Paraguay, and with government authorities in charge of investment attraction and business promotion policies.

This prestigious event aims to showcase various investment opportunities available in Paraguay to foreign investors, and to create partnerships between domestic and international capitals that could lead to successful and mutually beneficial business projects. With this in mind, a project database full of investment opportunities will be presented.

The Forum will bring together business-persons and entrepreneurs, high-ranking Paraguayan government officials, Academia representatives, outstanding titans of industry and influencers of the business world.

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