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The Consulate General

The Consulate General of Paraguay holds office in a centralized area of Los Angeles, located on Wilshire Blvd, known as “Miracle Mille”, with an immediate access to all the areas of Los Angeles, and has circumscription under (14) States which are as follows:

California- Texas- New Mexico- Arizona- Nevada- Oregon- Washington- Idaho- Montana - Wyoming- Utah – Colorado – Alaska & Hawaii.

The Consulate General of Paraguay performs several important functions. These functions can be divided into three general areas. The first purpose and mission is to help, protect and assist Paraguayans who live in or visit our area of coverage. Secondly, another mission is the promotion of Paraguay that includes the handling of cultural matters, promotion of tourism and economic interests for Paraguay; incentives for trade and improving cooperation. Thirdly, our mission is to facilitate the travel of American Citizens into Paraguay. Now an in-depth look at these three areas:

Our first mission is to offer assistance to Paraguayan citizens in our territory by performing a number of administrative services such as registration, passports, certificates, powers of attorney and legalizations, issuance of marriage, birth and death certificates, and provide guidance to our compatriots with regard to legal issues, in the US or Paraguay. Also process paperwork for Paraguayans that would like to repatriate. Furthermore, Paraguayans residing in the circumscription of this Consulate General, (if they wish to do it), will be able to register their name in person at the Consular’s Office, filling up a form with their main information and address. The Consular Register of Paraguayan is absolutely confidential. We highly recommended to all Paraguayans to take time to fill up the Registry’s application. The ultimate goal is get to know the approximately number of citizen living in this area of the United State, and more importantly to know who to contact when someone needs help urgently, and provide immediate assistance. On the other hand, all the registered Paraguayans will have the advantage of being eligible to process their documents, (like passport) by mail.

Our second purpose is to represent the country in official functions, and activities throughout the greater Los Angeles area. In order to present and positioned the name of Paraguay between the participants of these important events, and make our voice heard in the global community. Congresses, Fairs, Seminars, and all kind of events, ensuring that an official consular representative would be present to attend. In addition, the Consulate supports and get involved with the coordination of activities of various kinds, pursuing the promotion of richness of the Paraguayan cultural values and to elevate the image of the country in the Unites States. Visiting universities and educational institutions join the activities. The accomplishments of the cooperation in the scope of academic and scientific fields, is also one of our goals. Another point, with regard to commercial trade, is to strengthen the development of the commercial and economic ties. With the promotion of business and investment opportunities that Paraguay can offer; showcase the principles, goods and services; promotion of business meetings, and to facilitate and expedite the legalization of commercial documents.

The final mission of the General Consulate is to provide information regarding the current situation in Paraguay, on various issues and aspects of the country, and facilitate the issuance of visas to American citizens and foreign citizens who live in our jurisdiction, and have aspirations to travel to Paraguay. The Consulate issue the visas according to Paraguayan Immigration law (tourist, business, work’s visa and residences visa), expedition of Power Attorneys and legalizations of documents to be presented in Paraguay for Legal purposes.

The Consulate General’s schedule is Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. After business hours, in case of Emergency situations, if you are in our area of coverage and you urgently need help, we have open an Urgent Assistance telephone line: (310) 981- 8767.

On regular business hours you can reach us at (310) 417- 9500