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Residence of Foreign Nationals in Paraguay

All travelers, Foreign and Paraguayan Nationals must register their entering and exiting in Paraguay and need to pass through control post, checkpoints open by the corresponding authorities.

The admission, entry, permanence and exit of foreigners into Paraguayan territory, is strictly controlled and recorded under the administration of -“Direccion General of Migraciones” – DGMA- this office is in charge of the execution of national migratory policies. Its principal function is to ensure protection and to provide security of the persons travelling through checkpoints, contributing with the prevention of transnational crimes such as Human Traffic and others.

The Immigration Office- DGM - has the authority of supervise legal status of the foreigners in the country and in case of either foreign nationals or employers (that eventually provide work and jobs to the immigrants), commit a legal offence, breaking the Paraguayan Immigration Law, they will be sanctioned by the Immigration Office –DGM-

The foreign nationals admitted in the country, are eligible for residence and can come in person to the Immigration Office “Direccion General de Migraciones”, where will formally able to apply for Permanent or Temporary Residence.

In order to present the application for the Residence, some documents will be needed and must be enclosed to the forms. Please, read the requirements and procedures to carry out in order to obtain the Residence. Check following files:

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