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Temporary Passports



Issuing Temporary Passport

In cases of emergency, when a Paraguayan national is abroad and need to travel to Paraguay, the Consulate is able to issue a LETTER OF SAFE PASSAGE (Temporary Passport), to facilitate a safe return to our country.

This travel document will be used for all those Paraguayans that their passports have been lost or stolen, damaged or expired, and they can’t get a new or replacement passport in time to travel.

The Temporary Passport is an emergency travel document that will only be valid for traveling to Paraguay and for a set amount of time (valid for 60 days only).

The Temporary Passport is NOT valid for other destination, maybe you will be in transit in other countries, listed on your travel itinerary, but “Paraguay” must be shown as your final destination in the same trip.

Getting your Temporary Passport.

The applicants must be present, the personal appearance at the consulate office is mandatory. To make an appointment at our consulate in Los Angeles you can contact at the phone # (310) 417 9400.

The length of validly of a Temporary Passport is for (2) two months and if your trip is not that urgent, we recommend applying directly for a new Consular Passport, that it will be valid for (5) five years.


-To have the Paraguayan Nationality

Apply in person and you must bring:

-Paraguayan ID or expired Passport, or at least the number.

-A police report if your passport has been lost or stolen or to sign an Affidavit declaring the circumstances at the Consulate Office.

-(2) two recent passport-quality photos

-Proof of your travel plans, for example; booking confirmations (or detailed written travel plans if you can’t book ahead).

Temporary Passport for Minors.

The minors must have Paraguayan nationality. Minor is considering any child under 18 years old. Minors are not allowed to sign their Temporary Passport, then their parents or Legal Guardian must appear in person at the Consular Office to sign the application and the proper travel document.

Minor Paraguayan ID or expired passport, or at least the number. A police report will be needed if the passport has been lost or stolen.

Copy of the Minor Birth Certificate.

Written proof that everyone who has parental responsibility for the child agrees to the application of Temporary Passport. In case of absence of one parent, must present a Minor Traveling Authorization Letter signed by the Absence - Parent before a Notary Public.

A photocopy of the passport photo page or valid ID of everyone who has parental responsibility for the child, Legal Custody.

Cost / Payment

You’ll have to pay a non-refundable fee of $30.00 in Money Order or Cashier check, payable to the Consulate General of Paraguay. Personal checks are no acceptable.